Grace – 7-year old Cocker Spaniel

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Update 05/03/2019: Slight panic when I got home from the post office and couldn’t find Grace (again 🙄 ) I *think* she may have been coming to greet me at the door but panicked and ended up under a chair in the back room!

Update 16/02/2019 – Grace has been here for 6 weeks now 🙂 she’s a typical cocker spaniel in that she loves her food and sticks to us like glue. She still won’t tolerate any touch but this week she has started to take treats from me and she spends a lot of time sniffing me when I’m sat on the floor. She likes to know where we are at all times and cries loudly at the bottom of the stairs every time I go up. She loves kongs but finds lickimats easy to chew through so she’s banned from having one!

She loves the garden and runs, at scary speeds, in wide circles. She particularly likes the frost first thing and often will stay out in the rain for longer than necessary!

She loves a routine, and I use as many verbal commands as possible so she knows what is happening. She still spends a lot of time at ‘base camp’ (under the side table) and this is her go to space when she’s not sure of something. But she is popping out more and for longer periods of time.

She loves it when my boys bark for food, she gets all giddy and circles the boys in excitement. She does bang her face into door frames when she trying to get back to her table at speed, usually if something has scared her. But generally she gets around the house and garden absolutely fine.

She’s declared her love for my spaniel boy and spends a lot of time trying to find him. Unfortunately the feeling isn’t mutual so she has to be watched so she doesn’t get too close to him. However, my terrier boy really likes her but she snarls at him as he is the wrong boy!

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