18 February 2019


By Pauline

Hello everyone, my name is Frank but everyone calls me Frankie, and as you can see I’m a beautiful West Highland Terrier.. I wasn’t always so well off you see – as I came from a puppy farm where I had to scrabble for my food and I was kept in filthy, dirty conditions and didn’t get any love from the human people who used me to get money. I suppose my work was much better than the young ladies in the puppy farm as they kept having baby puppies over and over again but I suppose I was one of the puppy farms maker of these puppies and they are not born with good health or in very nice conditions mummy says I was a CASH COW? (don’t know what that means – because I’m not a cow – I don’t think anyway)

Thankfully Friends of the Animals took me on but I needed a Long Term foster home as I am classed as Life Limiting, especially coming from the environment I was in I have quite a few health issues the main one being what they call “Westie Lung” it means I find it hard to breathe some days and I cough quite a bit now I didn’t have any idea about toilet training No’ 1’s or No. 2’s I just thought I had to go wherever I was , I still have a mishap every now and then – I did a lovely episode in my mummys bathroom as that’s where she does her smelly thing and I thought that’s the place to do it – but mummy still said no so outside I go, however, I do tend to keep it for the garden and not when we go for our walks – our walks are to smell and nose around different things and sometimes someone has kindly dropped some left over food on the floor and I rush to get it – Mummy tells me off she says I’m eating rubbish food ( crap she says) and it’s not good for me

But all that changed for me, you see my Lovely foster daddy and mummy fell in love with me (I know how easy that was for them as I’m such a good looker) and I also have another Brother also from a rescue Sammy along with who mummy calls Lunatic Lu (Lulu) and yes she’s another rescue dog and she has the biggest voice in our house. I have to admit even I get fed up of her constant nagging well that’s what daddy used to call it, he’d say that all the females in the house were naggers. And us males were the best. Sometimes I still scout around looking for food even though I have plenty of lovely food (on weekends mummy cooks us fresh chicken as our little spoil – I look forward to that soooooo much – can’t wait for Saturdays to come along) I have gained a little weight as I get worn out if we tend to go for a long walk so I’m not even walking it off (I don’t know what mummy thinks I’m doing but I certainly am walking)

Not long after I went to my foster home my daddy passed away (I think that means he’s gone to a human Rainbow Bridge) I thought my mummy wanted me to go back as she was so sad but my mummy loves having us around her and it is us three guys that kept her going (so she says) so it’s now up to Sammy and myself as the boys of the household to look after her and make sure she’s as happy and loved as we are.

I even went out to play in the snow I’d never seen snow before and when mum called me in to get warm I wanted to stay out and play and hide in the trees at the back of the garden – I have little special dens that I hide in out the garden and it’s a big garden sometimes mummy thinks I’m lost but I’m not I’m just playing and hide and seek, but boy because I give her a fright she raises her voice a bit like Lunatic Lu and says I’ve frightened her I think it’s the other way around. We are going to the cottage next month and mum says I will love it – Obviously Sammy & Lu have been there loads of time but this will be my first holiday it’s by the sea and I love seaweed (makes me nice and smelly)

Mummy tries to sneak my tablets in a treat for me for worms and other medication when needed – she thinks I don’t know what she’s playing at but I do, Sammy told me to watch out when that little treat goes in front of you called corned beef there’s always something in it that’s meant to make you better. But I’m a good boy SOMETIMES so I always scoff it and then mum tells me I’m a good boy.
Mum says I’m deaf when I want to be, stubbon, greedy and because I fart a lot a stinker but I love these lovely words she calls me cos I know she loves me as it’s me on her lap every night I get there first to have my cwtch and cuddle before my brother and sister start moaning.

Without Friends of the Animals taking the chance to help me out I most probably would already be at the doggie Rainbow Bridge (mummy says I’m not going for years and years and years so I guess I’ll be about 100 years old with a message from the Queen or new King by then).

Friends of the Animals have huge Vet bills and mummy says it must be a struggle to keep paying them – BUT that is where you all come in to the picture I know not everyone wants a dog or cat or indeed any other animals in their lives but we can all help by just supporting financially. Like Tesco say ‘A little goes a long way’ . Eilleen is the lovely lady that takes us all on board and then there are a team of wonderful volunteers like my mummy who helps out to support us in other ways she even lets me sleep on her bed but she positions my bum away from her so the smell (and apparently I stink) that I emit goes away from her (she’s so clever).

So if and when you ever decide that you would like a dog or a cat always RESCUE there are loads out there and even better if you can help one of the old and not very well (Health side) dogs, cats etc or what mummy says is a wonky?? (once again no idea what a wonky is) all the better because mummy says you’ll be helping a beautiful soul like me.

Please support this very special cause and make special dogs and cats and other animals just like me feel safe, warm and loved. Thankyou love Frankie and my brother Sammy and sister Lulu xx