Downing Street’s new top dog

Friends of Animals Wales is a small animal charity in the Welsh Valleys. Our founder Eileen Jones has
dedicated much of her life to rescuing animals who desperately need a second chance in life. Friends of
Animals Wales is run solely by volunteers and we work around the clock to make a difference to the animals who may not have had a good start in life.
Over the years we have saved many hundreds of puppy farm breeding dogs and puppies; dogs and puppies who are invariably unwell, often with life-limiting conditions. It is heartbreaking and difficult work and sometimes despite our best efforts and those of the dedicated vets we work with, all we can do is give these poor souls a dignified, compassionate death surrounded by love and care.
It takes its toll on us emotionally and of course financially as these are dogs that have rarely been afforded any physical or psychological care in their lives. Our vet bills are astronomical and we constantly struggle to raise the funds to pay them.
The puppy farm breeding dogs have so often been exploited for their pups, puppies that have for decades been bought by the public across England. So, if you’ve bought a pup without seeing the mum, we may just be caring for your own dog’s mother or father right now.
There are also those dogs who are not suitable for adoption but who still deserve the chance to live out their days in a loving environment with the best quality of life possible. Those are our ‘wonky’ dogs and they stay with us at what we call ‘Wonky Towers’ for the rest of their lives.
We knew that Carrie Symonds has always been a huge animal welfare advocate and we are absolutely
overjoyed that this gorgeous pup will be living his best life with Carrie and the Prime Minister at their
Downing Street home. To think our little ’wonky’ pup started his life in a Welsh puppy farm and was destined for an uncertain existence at the hands of a puppy dealer, but is now going to be with people who absolutely adore him is a dream come true. This little man will want for nothing in his life, what could be better than that? And how fantastic to be raising the profile of rescue dogs everywhere in the process!
Friends of Animals Wales has been proud to be part of the Lucy’s Law team alongside Marc Abraham and
C.A.R.I.A.D. – and our relief when Michael Gove confirmed in the gardens of Downing Street, surrounded by our own puppy farm survivors, that Lucy’s Law was to become a reality in England was incredible. We’re still waiting for a date from the Welsh Government for the introduction of this new law but praying for the dogs that it is soon. And of course, we’re keeping everything crossed for the puppy farm dogs in Scotland that the government there will also make the right decision north of the border shortly.
We know only too well why Lucy’s Law is such an important piece of legislation because we pick up the pieces of third-party puppy selling every day. The suffering of these dogs is unimaginable unless you see it
first-hand as we have done for so many sad years.
We would like to thank Carrie and the Prime Minister for opening their hearts and their home to a puppy farm survivor and for inviting Friends of Animals Wales back to Downing Street once again. We wish them a lifetime of happiness with their new best friend.

Friends of Animals Wales is desperately trying to purchase our first property to help facilitate the rescue
and rehabilitation of more animals in need: In particular with the increasing number of ex puppy farm dogs
being surrendered to the rescue as a result of the impending changes to legislation (Lucy’s Law).
We have located suitable premises in South Wales, with land and outbuildings where we can create a haven for all our rescue animals including a specialist rehabilitation area to help puppy farm survivors.
Before we can do this, we need to settle our outstanding vet bills, currently standing at approximately
£36,000 and increasing by the day, averaging £8,000 per month plus specialist referral costs. No animal has ever been turned away by us because they were too expensive to help. Every penny donated by the public will go directly to help the animals.

Lola Labrador

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This is Lola. She was taken to the vets to be put to sleep. The vets got in touch with us and we agreed to try and help her.

We believe she has a condition that has caused part of her brain to fail to develop as it should. To get her the best possible help and ongoing care she needs an MRI so our vets can decide the best course of treatment for her. We need to raise a £1000 in the next few days.

She is just a baby. An amazing, funny, loving, bonkers little pup who doesn’t know she is very wonky and we need you to help us help her reach her full potential whatever that may be. So if you were going to have a few of these this weekend how about having one less and donating the savings you made to Lola because she is so very special.

You can follow the link to her fundrazr page and her story, you can donate through PayPal or to our bank account or even call us and make a card payment over the phone. You can donate through Facebook. Saving lives is a daily challenge but we can do it with your support.

Rehoming success – Aslan in his forever home

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Now happily rehomed, three year old Labrador cross, Aslan, had a difficult start to his life. He came to us from abroad where he was found on the streets. He was in quite a state when he was found by his rescuers and needed immediate medical attention to one of his front legs.

Sadly his leg couldn’t be saved so he became a tripawd. This didn’t hold Aslan back in the slightest. He managed to adapt to his new life but we soon discovered in his foster home that he was quite the couch potato.

Due to his difficult past, Aslan had a few quirks. He wasn’t keen on other dogs and it took a lot of work and dedication from his foster family to help him to get used accepting other dogs in the home. He was also happier around men than women, which is fairly unusual in rescue dogs.

He had a couple of failed rehomings and was returned to us after a few days but this time, we are pleased to announce that he has found the perfect home with an amazing family.

They say good things come to those who wait and in Aslan’s case this is certainly true. We couldn’t let this success story pass without sharing the news with you and have included some heartwarming pictures of him in his new home. We couldn’t be prouder.

On This Morning TV

When Volunteers sign up to be Fosters they know there may be some challenges but appearing on television doesn’t usually come in the job description.

Today the lovely Lynn Taylor foster mum to Bridgette and who also happens to be our Cat Coordinator travelled to London and did a wonderful job promoting adoption on ITV This Morning. Well done Lynn you were brilliant and a very special well done to Bridgette who was a total star. #adoptdontshop

Lucy’s Law update

Yesterday three of our ex puppyfarm dogs were invited to number 10 Downing Street accompanied by our Founder and Rescue Coordinator Eileen Jones to celebrate the Lucys Law campaign of which we have been a part. Official photos will be released in a few days but here’s a taste of the day. The dogs were total stars and were even allowed to park in Downing Street. A great day with exciting news on the way.
Special mention must be given to the wonderful police officers, No 10 staff and the caterers for making the dogs and Eileen so very welcome and doing everything they could to ensure the dogs were happy and comfortable in what was for them a very ‘different’ environment.

Dily mirror article

FOAW supporting Lucy’s Law at the Senedd today

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We are #SorrynotSorry for all the posts tonight about the fantastic show of solidarity for #LucysLaw in Wales today.
Our founder Eileen Jones made a pledge many years ago to never say “no” to a puppy farm dog.
Hundreds of dogs later and she has kept to her word.
Every broken, neglected, overbred, unloved dog comes to our rescue is given love, care and the chance to live the life every dog deserves.
The cost, emotionally and financially, has been massive.
But every former puppy farm dog now living a life of love and comfort makes it all worth it.
Throughout the years we have prayed for a movement such as this and were delighted when @Rctcouncil became the first local authority in Wales to support Lucy’s Law.
More and more Welsh councils are now following suit and today our amazing volunteers and fosterers went to Senedd to continue the campaign.
Thank you all.



Daily Mirror Article


They did it …Climbing Ben Nevis


They did it ……  23 degree heat on the way up and snow at the top. Well done Team Mountain Goats!! xx





This lovely lady is an amazing supporter of FoaWales

Please show support her in her venture if you can.

Samantha Mainwaring

Hi guys. As we already know, Friends of the Animals Wales is an amazing charity. 2 years ago they allowed me to adopt two very handsome kittens 😻😻. If it hadn’t been for Friends of the Animals I dread to think what would have happened to my two boys, their siblings and their mother.

I’d really like to give something back….

So, on 25th May 2018, myself and 3 friends, “The Mountain Goats” are trekking up Ben Nevis. It’s the highest mountain in the British Isles at a lofty 1,345m. To put it into perspective, the Big Ben clock tower is 96m and the London Eye is 135m. 😬😥😱. We’re not the fittest but we’ll try our absolute best and we’re utterly determined to reach the summit.🏔

Just wondering if any of you would like to sponsor myself and the other goats to make the climb? ALL DONATIONS GO TO FRIENDS OF THE ANIMALS WALES. Us goats would be VERY grateful!!!! You can sponsor us via the PayPal account of the charity: Foawales@aol
– with reference “Ben Nevis”.

Thanks for reading this.

Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen

Canine Behaviour and Training degree students at Reaseheath College have been working with some of our most challenging rescue dogs in weeks, being taught how to work with nervous dogs and how to develop trust. It’s great to see our dogs developing trust with them, and the next generation developing knowledge to help rescue dogs

Lucy’s Law


Lucy’s Law

on Wednesday28th  February   2018  …….

something pretty fantastic happened in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

A motion put before the whole RCTCBC by Councillor Maureen Webber and seconded by Councillor Susan Pickering to back Lucy’s Law and support a ban on third-party selling of dogs was passed unanimously.

This is the most wonderful news and we want to thank all Councillors of all parties for their backing.

RCTCBC is the first council not just in Wales but in the whole UK to stand up and give their voice for the voiceless and we are so very, very, proud and grateful.

We now hope that other Welsh Councils will also show their support and of course the Welsh Government. perhaps you could share this post with your Councillor, your AM and your MP. Lets see Wales show we are a land of caring and compassion.



A message from Beverly Cuddy Dogs Today Magazine

Will you change your profile picture to show your supported the petition for #LucysLaw?
Here’s the petition – please sign and share it:
You may have already signed something similar – but this is a NEW unified specific #LucysLaw petition designed to help reassure the politicians that we really want this giant step for animal welfare.

If we ban dog dealers it will finally make it perfectly clear to the puppy buyers that this is a tragic and illicit trade.
to bring you up to date on the story so far do read this:…/why-poor-dog-needed-lucys-law-h…/
Please tell your MP you support the all-party-push to remove the shop window for puppy farming and puppy traffickers. You can make ALL the difference, here’s how to really easily contact your MP:
You don’t need to know their name, it will find them with your postcode.
We need your help to make it very clear to the MPs that this has the support of ALL dog lovers, that this is a logical first step towards better Animal Welfare in this country.
Some charities have sadly been dragging their feet – but not the innovative National Animal Welfare Trust (remember they led all the other charities by bringing the brilliant OpenPaw method to the UK for the first time – turning their centres into doggie universities, transforming ordinary, normally hard-to-home rescue dogs into highly-trained and therefore highly desirable pets…).
National Animal Welfare Trust said of Lucy’s Law: “National Animal Welfare Trust’s vision is that all puppies bred today are raised with the best animal welfare interests in mind so they arrive in their new home healthy and microchipped after spending their early weeks with their mum and siblings in an appropriate environment.
“We have not seen the full detail of the proposal for Lucy’s Law but from what we understand, Lucy’s Law is calling for a ban on pet shops and other third party dealers selling puppies, effectively ending puppy farming and trafficking. Instead, puppies would only be available from rescue centres or ethical breeders who will let a potential customer see the puppies and the mother together.
“NAWT welcomes this concept as a first step to ending puppy farming and looks forward to hearing more about the detail of this proposed legislation, its implementation and most importantly, its enforcement.”
NAWT leads the way again.
Why WOULDN’T everyone who cares about dogs back this?
This is the first of many steps, but every journey needs to start and HOW MANY YEARS have we been waiting for this one to get going?
Too long.
Please tell your MP you are fully behind #LucysLaw and if you want, why not urge YOUR favourite charity to throw their considerable weight and resources behind the soon-to-be-announced cross-party move that aims to IMMEDIATELY ban third party sales of dogs… well you pay their wages! Why shouldn’t they reflect your wishes?
Why is it called #LucysLaw ?
Lisa Garner’s Lucy died a year ago after enjoying an all too brief period of being loved, after a life of misery as a puppy farm breeding slave. Lucy’s legacy should be to release all her descendants from slavery.
Who wouldn’t back this…
apart from Cruella de Vil?
Social media means you can now tell your MP that you care about this…. in days gone by all these decisions would be made behind closed doors in committee rooms.
Your MP is just a click away – your votes count and while this may not be the first piece of legislation on your ‘to do’ list, once we click and treat politicians for becoming animal welfare champions, we will encourage them to do more and more.
We can do this, if we all stick together!
This link finds your MP and tracks whether they reply – you just type in your post code:

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