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What a character our Boris is!  He came to us as an unclaimed stray and quickly set about wrapping his Foster Mum around his little paw, which is lucky as if there’s a story to be told in the foster household, you can bet that Boris is somehow involved!

Words used to describe him are affectionate, energetic, mischievous, busy, clever….   His favourite pastime is sprinting in circles, binkying and then throwing himself on Foster Mum’s lap for a cuddle…. then he’s off again.

As he was a stray we don’t know his age but don’t think he is very old.  He is neutered and vaccinated (both vaccines) and we are looking for a forever home for him with a neutered, vaccinated female rabbit to be bonded with (bonding rabbits takes time and patience but we can help and advise with this).

This larger than life character craves love and company and we are determined to find this wonderful young man the forever home he deserves.  If you think you and your female bun are up to filling your life with the love and fun Boris will bring, then please click on the link below:

Application Form

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