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I’m Belle and I’m 7 years old. I’m a very headstrong lady who likes nothing more than fusses from my human. I’m not much of a lap cat but I do like snuggling up on your shoulder/on the back of the sofa to be your purring parrot. I do also like giving my human kisses, both for affection and to remind them I am always hungry! (Unfortunately my human never believes it) Once I’m settled I will be looking to get to explore the outdoors. I enjoy a good nose round the garden and a bit of sunbathing. I’m not scared of new feline friends but can often be a bit bullish with them and just run towards them. I may need some help learning a better, calmer way to make friends. I’ve not come across any barking friends yet, so not sure how I feel about them. I have no known health issues but occasionally sniffle and sneeze, so my human usually has tissues to hand, more for her than me. I have been living with both older and younger children and love the affection I get from any person. I also enjoy toys and a good scratching post/mat to keep my paws in top notch condition.


7 years old

Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Adoption fee £50


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