REHOMED Betty & Barney – c.3 to 5 year old Bichon Frise – Somerset

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Name: Betty and Barney

Age: c.3-5 years old

Breed: Bichon Frise

Can I live with Children: 10 and up

Can I live with cats: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs: Smaller dogs, yes

Fostered In: Street, Somerset

Betty and Barney are ex-breeding Bichon Frise, aged between 3 and 5 years old, who have formed quite a bond since coming into rescue. They cuddle up together at every opportunity and love each other’s company. They are being fostered in Street, Somerset, and are looking for a quiet home where they can be together and receive the love and attention that they deserve. Barney has one cloudy eye due to an old, untreated injury and his other eye shows the start of a cataract, but neither currently affect him.

People – Barney is more cautious with new people and can be skittish at times. It takes him longer to approach people and he is frightened by sudden movements. Betty is very friendly and enjoys a fuss from everyone she meets but can initially be cautious with some strangers. Because Barney is more nervous, any children in the home should be older and dog savvy, over 10 years old – just so they understand his body language and don’t overwhelm him. Adopters will need to give him time to get used to them.  Once he knows you, he is quite puppy-like in his behaviour and will gently mouth your hand.

Dogs – Betty and Barney have lived with numerous dogs of a similar size to them but are currently being fostered in a quiet home with no other dogs. They have met a visiting bouncy Labrador and barked at him every time he approached them. Out and about they have only met smaller dogs so far and have been unreactive.

Cats – This pair haven’t been tested around cats. They have been unreactive to any that visit the garden.

In the home – Barney was quick to pick up housetraining. Betty has taken a little while to get used to going out in the garden and going to the toilet. Initially, she held it in for hours on end, scuttled into the garden, did her business and immediately wanted to come back in again and she did mess in the house when left with no people around. Since settling there have been no accidents and Betty has enjoyed sitting out in the sun. Their adopters will have to get them into a routine from day one and be at home to make sure they are let out regularly. They are fine with the usual household noises but did initially bark at the washing machine when it was on, and will bark at visitors but this doesn’t last long. Betty and Barney can be left for around 4 hours with no problems and are crate trained but would not be suitable for full time workers. They spend much of their time snoozing the day away on the sofa and enjoy cuddles and fuss. At night they sleep downstairs in their crate.

Out and about – Gardens will have to be secure as they can squeeze through small spaces. Barney loves being in the garden and will have a funny few minutes racing around and burning off energy, while Betty will just sit or lie down as close to the back door as possible. As her confidence grows she is getting more playful and sometimes does run around with him too. They travel well in the back seat of the car secured by a harness. Walks are new to them and they are still getting used to going out with their harness and leads on. Currently walks are little and often but they are unsure of how to walk on the lead and will refuse to budge. Once they gain in confidence and get used to walks, they will need short regular outings to build up their fitness. They have been quiet at their trips to the vets and accepting of handling.

Type of home – A quiet home with no other dogs would be perfect for Betty and Barney as they have each other and do rely on each other an awful lot. Any children in the home should be over 10 years old and be respectful of their personal space. They are couch potatoes and adore cuddles so someone who doesn’t mind them cuddling up on the sofa is a must. They like to know where their favourite person is so will follow them where possible like little shadows. Bichons don’t shed much hair but do need regular grooming to keep their curls in tip top conditions, so adopters must consider this. Adopters also must be patient and understanding of their ex-breeding background and be willing to continue getting them used to being ‘normal’ dogs in a loving home.

Betty and Barney are neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with their flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet them in their foster home in Street, Somerset.

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