Adoption Procedure – Cat

Our Adoption process


due to increasing care and veterinary costs, we have had to increase our minimum donations  to £75 for cats and kittens and £130 for  A PAIR with effect from 6th August 2021

Our priority is to find the ideal home for each cat in our care. Because
individual cats needs vary greatly, we do not have set criteria for adopters,
instead we try to be as flexible as possible, in order to ensure that we can find
a perfect match.

We do not however re -home where resident cats are not already neutered or
spayed unless this is for health reasons.

1. Please read about our cats that are up for adoption and consider which cat
that you feel you could offer the best home to.

2. Complete our pre adoption interest form for that specific cat and tell us all
about yourself and your family.

Our Adoption Co-ordinator will then contact you by telephone to discuss your
application in detail, tell you more about the cat that you are interested in and
answer any questions about our adoption procedure.

3. When you are successfully matched to a cat we will reserve that cat for you
subject to a Homecheck.

4. A Homecheck will take place and we ask that all family members and
household pets are present during this.

5. If the Homecheck is successful we ask that your family travel to meet the cat
in their Foster home.

If this meeting is successful then the adoption will take place at this point and
you can take your new family member home with you.

All our cats are neutered prior to adoption, with the exception of young

A condition of the adoption of kittens is that you give an undertaking, that
they will be neutered at 5/6 months old (at your own expense).

In most cases we will arrange a follow up Home visit after adoption.
We ask for a minimum donation of £75 to adopt 1 cat and £130 for a pair.

Please Note:
Friends of Animals Wales is run on a self-funding basis. The set donation above
is towards the costs of vaccinations, neutering, flea and worming treatment
and micro chipping. Which amount to much more than the donation we ask

All prospective homes will be subject to a pre adoption visit and post adoption
check. If at any point Friends of Animals Wales considers any of its adopted
cats to be placed in a situation which is deemed to be detrimental to its health
or in breach of its rehoming policies we reserve the right to reclaim the animal
for its own sake and wellbeing.

Friends of Animals Wales will seek legal counsel with regards to reclaiming any
animal and take legal action if at any point any of our Adopted animals are
used for breeding, fighting or subjected to abuse